• Our experience
    is your prospects

    Market-Getter is offering to people an External Business Development Solution.

  • Versatility is our Business

    Market-Getter puts itself in place as a Business Getter dedicated to all companies’ backgrounds in order to assist them in their growth.

  • Bringing Business
    to Business

    We are offering a Strategy Planning & Development Execution.

Who Are We.

Market-Getter, founded in 2016 in Tel Aviv, Israel, brings an external assistance to companies in term of their growth:

Bringing new clients .
Bringing new employees .
International Business Development Services .

Market-Getter puts itself in place as a Business Getter dedicated to all kind of companies, from all sizes, and from all backgrounds in order to assist them in their growth: bringing them new clients and employees, helping them to enter into new markets, facilitating their organic growth and their human capital growth. Market-Getter also promotes Governments’ Expertise to counterparts.

Our Awesome Services.

Strategy Beyond Borders provides Management Consulting Services for businesses ranging from Startup, to SME and Goverment Entities. Our awesome services expertise is Strategy Planning and Execution, Change Management, International Business Development and Sales Force Optimization.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to satisfy our clients and creating customer loyalty by selling the expertise of individuals, companies and Governments to counterparts.

Our Process.

Our Process an effective way to establish continual improvement within your organization is to conduct regular Business Process Improvements (BPI).

Our Goal.

We do develop your strategy effectively. We recommend that you set realistic and measurable objectives that align with your overall strategic goals.

Meet our Executives.

Alexandre Sebon

Founder & CEO

Alexandre Sebon, is the Founder & CEO of Market-Getter. He holds a BSc in Applied Mathematics from Glasgow University (Glasgow, UK) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Mathematical ...


Dr. Bernard Sebon

Deputy CEO

Dr. Bernard Sebon is the Deputy CEO of Market-Getter. Dr. Bernard Sebon graduated in 1978 with a PhD in Geriatric & General Medicine from UNIVERSITÉ PITIÉ-SALPETRIERE in Paris ...

  • " We are carefully considering the best strategies and tactics to make tomorrow a successful reality. "

  • " You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect that. "

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Market-Getter .

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6608802 Tel Aviv, Israel.

44, Rue Damesme,

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Contact Numbers .

Phone (Israel): +972-58-77-87-307

Phone (France): +33-1-77-50-18-11

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